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Hello, Once Again

It has been four years and three months since my introductory post, and two years and nine months since my last post here. It actually took a pandemic and health relapse to bring me out of my indefinite hiatus, but as with most things, all is well that ends well.

When I started writing here, I was a nineteen year-old law student who had lost every inkling of interest in the field. I was bored out of my mind and would spend the rest of my time in the university suffering and smiling through law modules while burying myself under as many books on history and economics as I could. Strangely enough and in what I consider a stroke of luck I ended up spending most of my final year writing my undergraduate thesis on what was largely development economics and this made the rest of my university experience a bit more bearable.

All this to say that a lot has changed since March 2016 - over the course of my hiatus I graduated from the university and eventually law school where I made first class honours. Naturally, I was convinced to give the legal profession a shot and I did, for the last eighteen months. To no surprise, I am still not the archetypal Grisham lawyer, quite the opposite, if anything. I have become a true servant of the capitalist god, specialising in finance and capital markets and most recently, power and infrastructure. 

Clearly, certain things about me have remained true to form - I am still deeply in love with history, philosophy, finance and economics generally and I have spent the last few years reading and occasionally writing around these subjects, which brings me to my point. At the beginning of the lockdown, I started writing my now abandoned come-back piece, a lengthy complicated essay on the philosophy of authoritarian regimes which draws from my readings across philosophy, history and even development economics. However, I gave up on the essay a few weeks ago largely because I was uncertain as to its appeal and the identity of my target audience. 

Anyway, I have now resolved to complete it as I figured that even if you do not enjoy it, you would have at least found your next read or at the very least, learnt a new concept - either way it works because my goal is to share knowledge and make seemingly complex concepts accessible to young people, like myself I really wanted to say any which way na way

I am really happy to be back and cannot wait to share my recent work with you.

Ps.I wrote this while listening to I'm New Here by Gil Scott Heron it is the audio equivalent of a hug. 


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